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Ultimate Total Reconstruction is a prominent entity in the construction industry, operating out of Chilliwack, British Columbia, offering services across British Columbia and Alberta. We are committed to extending high quality construction services to the commercial, residential and senior living segments. Our commitment is to deliver well crafted and proficiently executed projects that are of world class standards.

The team at Ultimate Total Reconstruction comes with a rich and diverse experience of over 30 cumulative years. Naturally, we are well positioned to take on all kinds of challenges related to construction and renovation. From understanding each client’s specific needs to implementing the approved plan and finally to handing over the finished product, we offer complete value for your money.

Services Offered by Ultimate Reconstruction

The experienced and proficient team at Ultimate Total Reconstruction offers a range of services will transform your vision to reality. With decades of experience, we are able to take the challenges that come our way, delivering impeccable finished results.

We strive to reduce the stress of construction for you. By offering comprehensive services, all under one roof. Just tell us what you need, then sit back and see how your dreams become reality.

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What a fantastic crew you sent to us! All very professional, friendly and great workers. I was amazed at the pace and that the projects were completed by Wed evening. Appears that all three projects are within the scope we expected. Will have our Maintenance Manager take a look at them when he returns from his vacation!



Our services include:

  1. Project Management: The members of our core team at Ultimate Total Reconstruction boast close to 40 years of comprehensive exposure and experience in project management. We undertake project management jobs with complete commitment and consider the job delivered only when it has been accomplished to perfection.
  2. General Contracting: We undertake general contracting jobs with complete transparency. We maintain vigilant supervision on the day-to-day developments at the construction site, keeping close tabs on the work schedule and quality. Under our able guidance and monitoring, the projects are always completed on time, without compromising quality.
  3. Renovations: No matter what the renovation, we pledge our services as well as technical expertise to facilitate your plans, with minimum discomfort to you. Most importantly, we are committed to providing you cost effective solutions at all times. We have the required skills and experience to develop with renovation plans that will comply with your needs.
  4.  Tenant Improvements: If you wish to incorporate specific improvements within your premises or you wish to rent out the place to tenants with special needs, we can provide you with suitable solutions. Irrespective of whether it is being done to make the home more child friendly, more conducive for the senior citizens or for people with disabilities, we can help incorporate the necessary improvements with minimal changes. We also ensure that your tenant improvements remain within the specified budget.
  5. New Construction: When it comes to new construction, our dedicated team is always happy to undertake the responsibilities of the entire project, right from scratch. We have an excellent track record, especially in commercial construction. The years of service put into this business has provided us with wide exposure with respect to the options available for diverse construction jobs. Therefore, once you choose Ultimate Total Reconstruction, there is unlikely to be any dearth of innovative ideas and implementation techniques. You can check our website to know more about the specific expertise we possess and our existing business partners.
  6. Demolition: Irrespective of the size and type of building, our demolition contractors will help in accomplishing the task within the specified time limit. We have skilled professionals on board, with the necessary skills and experience to use the specialized equipment necessary for effective demolition. Once the specifications of the existing building structure are known, we employ the correct equipment for hassle free demolition. We comply with environmental standards of the demolition procedure and minimize associated hazards.
  7. Senior Home Improvements: In recent times, senior home improvements has become the niche in which we excel. Having established our identity as one of the leading providers of construction services across Alberta and British Columbia, we have been providing suitable solutions for senior home improvements for many years. We offer highly professional services and a wealth of experience garnered over the years, and believe in staying abreast of all the latest developments and trends in the construction industry. Hence, the solutions we provide are effective and modern. Our experts have the ability to comprehend the specific needs of the elderly and make suitable changes in the design to make life simple and more comfortable.

Apart from the range of services stated above, we also offer assistance in organizing your living spaces, organizing methods to dispense of all items you no longer need. We also extend our advice in guiding you through the installation and use of smart appliances that can make life simpler for you. We are committed to sharing our diverse expertise and experience to make life simpler, easier and smoother for our customers. We don’t just aim at satisfied customers, we want delighted ones!

We integrate all of these services, supported aptly by our expertise, so that all you need to do is to contact us. We take care of everything and leave you free of all the stress and hassles you would otherwise have to face when you coordinate between various contractors, vendors and suppliers. Renovations and comprehensive project management are our forte, we have built our reputation also on the high quality construction work we have offered for Senior life styles. We ensure that your project is completed on time, we also make sure that it is completed without compromising the set budget.


Our Pillars of Strength

Just like all established businesses should, we follow a set of principles and values that guide our work. Our primary objective is to deliver solutions that are cost effective yet superlative. We achieve this goal through superior quality craftsmanship and in-depth technical expertise. Honesty and integrity are ingrained in our philosophy and we uphold these values, no matter what the challenges. Compromising on values isn’t our way of doing business.

Our Work

In the past, we have undertaken and accomplished reconstruction jobs in various segments. We are proud of the work we have done for Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, Restaurants and Office Buildings. Some of our renowned past clients include names such as Carrington House Residence and Suites, Birchwood Health Care and Senior Living, Crescent Gardens Retirement Community, Langley Gardens Retirement Community, Royal Park Retirement Residence and Willow Senior Living Residence.

With our promise of on time, on budget and high quality project management, you needn’t spend another minute worrying about your construction or renovation needs. Contact us and we promise to strive to transform your construction dreams to reality!


….I have had the pleasure to know and work with both June and Bob Dunmall for 4 years. During this time they have provided outstanding service to our building ranging from simple wall restoration, to painting services, all the way to the complete updates of resident suites and remediation of both interior and exterior damage….

April Mackenzie,
General Manager at Birchwood Retirement Suites and Cottages
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Launched in 2000, Ultimate Total Reconstruction is a company dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative and cost effective construction solutions for all your commercial and residential construction needs. We specialize in project management solutions and implementation. Based in Chilliwack, British Columbia, we offer our services to all areas in and around British Columbia and Alberta. In order to fulfill our commitment of quality, innovation and affordability, we have built a team of professionals with a strong customer focus, guaranteeing a competitive edge in the ever expanding real estate marketplace.

What We Assure at Ultimate Total Reconstruction:

  1. We ensure that our business practices adhere to the basic principles of integrity and honesty. We serve our customers with complete transparency and believe in effective and consistent communication.
  2. We depend on our high quality workmanship and skills for the innovative solutions that we provide. The working skills are duly supported by in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the specific requirements of each client.
  3. Most importantly, we believe in putting forth solutions that are cost effective without compromising on fulfilling client needs or world class quality standards.

Collaborative Work

We at Ultimate Total Reconstructions believe in working in collaboration with our clients throughout the course of construction. We adhere to an inclusive style of working that takes note of all the needs and inputs communicated to us by the client. Working as a team helps us to deliver on our promises and ensure that the construction meets the highest quality standards while fulfilling specific needs from the space for the client. This collaboration also allows us to provide our own recommendations and suggestions, based on our vast experience and skill. Through this we attempt to ensure that you receive exactly what you need in the most cost effective and timely manner.

Our Team

Our vision is driven by an experienced and enthusiastic team of professionals. Most of us boast over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, as well as in entrepreneurship. The core team also enjoys diversified construction experience in a range of domains including offices, senior residences, nursing homes, brand new homes, apartments and restaurants. The team boasts of comprehensive restoration, renovation and construction experience that can be utilized for all forms of projects and initiatives. The core competences of the team also includes superlative designing prowess for both residential or commercial properties.

Recent Developments

Our most recent foray has been into the arena of Senior Home Improvements, although all the other segments remain our prerogative too. Notably, as many as 30 renovation jobs that have been undertaken by Ultimate Total Reconstruction in the recent past have been insurance funded.